Dec 28, 2020

Design Link Architects receives HDB Innovative Design Award

Garden Vines @ Tengah and Garden Vale @ Tengah has been recognised for its design excellence and conferred the Innovative Design Award by the Housing & Development Board (HDB) under the To-Be-Built Housing Category.

Vision of a new town

Tengah is envisioned as a new town that will introduce fresh ideas and improve our ways of living. In Garden Vines @ Tengah and Garden Vale @ Tengah, our design concept focuses on how we can strike a balance between user personalisation and standardisation in PPVC construction to create a unique and different HDB experience.

Flexibility and Innovation

In Garden Vines @ Tengah and Garden Vale @ Tengah, the larger units with their “plug-in” living spaces are stacked above the smaller units - with the larger 2-room units stacked above smaller 2-room units and 5-room units stacked above 4-room units. This creates larger rooms that allow the crafting of spaces to be used as a study space, baby cot space, tea space, yoga space, balcony space, workspace, gaming space etc. In addition, the PPVC module columns are designed to be located at the external side of each module, this allow for the removal of the internal partitions wall to create a large contiguous space that can be repartitioned according to the dweller’s need. These innovations in the reconceptualising of the 2-room and 5-room units and the flexibility of the units to cater to all needs of the user elevates the living experience of the dwellers allowing for more customisation and personalisation.