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: BIM Manager (Architecture)


: Technical Department


Job Summary

Responsible for managing BIM deliverables such as BIM Models, BIM Execution Plans, Clash Detection Reports, BIM Quality Control Plans, BIM Design Review Procedures


  1. Lead technical team in BIM operations from setting up of project to modelling to troubleshooting of model issues to ensure timely delivery of BIM model for Client’s design reviews, statutory submissions and tender documentation
  2. Develop project BIM execution plans, coordinate and resolve issues arising from BIM operations with other consultants
  3. Ensure quality and standard of BIM workflow and deliverables are met by the project team
  4. Review all BIM supporting infrastructure & software of the office and recommend improvement plans
  5. Responsible for supervising and training of BIM department

Job Specifications

  1. Architectural background is a must
  2. Minimum 5-8 years of experience using BIM
  3. Practical knowledge in using Revit from set up to tender documentation stage
  4. Able to work independently and be an effective team leader
  5. Familiarity with local codes and regulations especially for private and public residential projects